Ignorant Noise

Ignorant Noise is a multi-genre, multi-artist approach to music designed with a single goal: to make you groove. Created in 2004 by Dwight Noise, Ignorant Noise uses the talents of a wide variety of artists and musical styles to achieve a sound that is energetic and pure fun. There are no limits to the art of dance, and Ignorant Noise pursues this concept relentlessly.

Now with a major festival appearance and a major label release, IgNo is poised to do big things in 2014, including the unveiling of the first Ignorant Noise live band. As the EDM world stagnates, Ignorant Noise is constantly evolving and innovating to breath fresh life into the music scene and make you fall in love again.

Let’s Groove.
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Current Releases:
Werk EP
Pump Up The Noise EP

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