Braxtek is a¬†prodigy , a musical genius who started making music by the age of 8. Braxtek’s game started with Hip Hop, but his big funky grooves needed more. When he discovered electro Braxtek knew that he had found his direction. Yes, that’s right, what Braxtek was craving was bass. Electro quickly brought him to dubstep, his final calling. Now at the age of 19 Braxtek can make a crowd go wild just like the Bass that flows through his veins. He comes from a long line of musicians and with all the technological advances in the music world he is unstoppable. Braxtek is the future of bass music, so hold on and prepare to be shaken from the big things he has coming your way.


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Current Releases:

The Electronican EP

Digital Gangster

More Info on Releases:

More info on The Electronican EP click here.

More info on Digital Gangster click here.