Thrill Seeker EP – Meliss FX

Melissa FX - Thrill Seeker


1. Love Is Your Attention Original Mix
2. Techno Electro Original Mix
3. Spacecraft Original Mix
4. Vegas Nights Original Mix
5. Stellar Eyes Original Mix
6. Tear Me Apart Original Mix
7. Love Will Come to You Original Mix
8. Shop Shop, Bye Bye Original Mix
9. When Science Meets Nature Original Mix
10. In Too Deep Original Mix
11. I’m So Glad Original Mix
12. Bump in the Road Original Mix




Synth City releases “Thrill Seeker” EP by Meliss FX, featuring artists Sandra T, Ty Dennis, Duncan Macfarlane, Bulimiatron, Nonplus, Alex Zelenka & Brian Jordan.

Meliss FX is an electronic fusion singer/songwriter who writes introspective, motivational songs that are inspiring and based on human emotions. Her experiences in music range from growing up in choirs to free styling with DJs, and jamming with a large variety of different band genres.

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