Man Du’ – Light Fire EP


1. Light Fire feat. Meliss FX
2. Come Back
3. Shake Your Body
4. Light Fire feat. Meliss FX (Ignorant Noise Remix)
5. Light Fire feat. Meliss FX (Flashclash Remix)



San Diego-based duo Man Du’, comprised of MC Ridda and DJ Ronnie, just dropped a stellar EP today on Synth City Records.

“Light Fire” EP is a collection of diverse dubstep tracks that will take you on a roller coaster ride and affirm to the public that Man Du’ is here to stay. “Light Fire” features expressive vocals from Meliss FX and downtempo, bass-heavy dubstep sounds. “Shake Your Body” has futuristic vibes surrounded by deep, powerful vocals. “Come Back” takes on a bit of a different route, coming in with classic drum & bass sounds. The two remixes of “Light Fire” on the EP are opposites, with the Ignorant Noise remix immensely slowing down the otherwise fast track, and the Flashclash remix deepening the track with dark bass and slow vocals.

Overall, this EP is fantastic. It truly showcases the talent Man Du’ possess.

About Man Du’:
Man Du’ is a production duo from San Diego consisting of long time friends MC Ridda and DJ Ronnie. After a decade of pushing themselves in the DNB scene these two have gained numerous residencies and a following across the nation.

With their new group formed and Their debut EP “The Realm” charting the top 5 on Beatport’s top 100 dubstep releases and top 100 overall releases chart they are ready to show the world who Man Du’ is.

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