Synth City Compilation Vol. 1



1. Go Exploring – Rambling
2. Flash Clash –  Vapor Clouds
3. Neon Highwire – Gyrophant
4. Lizarazo – Sporadic Rhythm
5. Sex Life – Soul Damage
6. aLr – Unwanted
7. Son Murphy – Paper Unicorns
8. DJ Sp3shial Option –  Go To Work
9. Stereoptical – New Funk
10. Biff Tannen – Cyber Faith
11. Mindworx – Autumn
12. Sharfla – Chase Me In Circles



Synth City welcomes you to join them on an odyssey back to the future.

This 12 track compilation Synth City’s “Synth City” has been a long time in the making to create the perfect blend of feel good, body grooving, atmospheric sounds. This is the first volume of Synth City’s compilation featuring 12 fresh brand new artists joining the team. Each artist has been hand picked for the synth elements they deliver. Enjoy this listening experience at home, with your friends, at the beach, or in your car and feel as if you’re floating around happily to this masterpiece.

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