The Electronican EP – Braxtek’s


1. Abducted (culineR Remix)
2. Oh My
3. Avalon




Los Angeles, CA based D&B/Electro producer Braxtek has dropped his second bass-heavy release through Synth City Records, “The Electronican”. This freshest installment from the partnership of Braxtek and Synth City features 3 original tracks showcasing the well-traveled producer’s taste for hip-hop infused grooves and screechy synths, and is topped with a remix of ‘Abducted’ by none other than the veteran beat master culineR.

Braxtek’s unique beats, drawn from a lifetime of diverse experiences, have been described as ‘like skrillex and bassnectar had a baby robot that makes electronic music for lunch and dinner, maybe breakfast’ (When the Beat Dropz – 5-3-2012).

“When I grew up listening to Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae and Indie but I have always loved House and Electro music. As I got older I started listening to a lot more progressive house and trance. Then one day I stumbled upon Heist and fell in love with DnB. When I was about 13 I started producing Dnb and Hardstyle techno. I always loved music that was too heavy on the bass but was still electronic so I started to make Hip Hop beats with grimey synth sounds over the hooks and I loved it. It was then that I found Dubstep and damn, I never went back! I wouldn’t consider my style Dubstep but it is DEFINITELY my favorite genre to listen to and one of my favorites to produce”. – Braxtek

This sophomore release with Synth City follows the highly successfull “Digital Gangster”, available at Beatport!

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