Bass Keeps Pumpin’ – BUL!M!ATRON


1. Bass Keeps Pumpin’ (Original Mix)
2. Bass Keeps Pumpin’ (BRTHR BEAT Remix)
3. Bass Keeps Pumpin’ (JAHZ Remix)



Synth City would like to announce; Bass Keeps Pumpin’ by BUL!M!ATRON! He is one of our founding members and he has been with us since the beginning. He hits us hard once again with his dance pumpin’ electro bliss. We heard your demands after the success of his last singles “Bring Ya Ass Up” and “The Things That Go Bump In The Night” and are gonna bring it in a big way. BUL!M!ATRON is the party, controlling the dance floor and now he is ripping it up with his original brilliant electro ecstatic creations.

Prepare to step deep inside the minds of two genius’s known as BRTHR BEAT. Their remix takes all the ingredients, shakes them up, and choreographs the perfect martini into exquisite deliciousness. This will show you why we love electro. BRTHR BEATs style will merge your brainwaves with the tectonic waves of emotional flow.  Don’t miss out!

We top this mind blowing single off with a delirium of drum n bass by JAHZ. You may not recognize your face in the mirror after you let your body shake to this beat. We have entered the next level and there is no turning back.

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Where do you live and how would you describe the scene there?
Born & raised in LA, and wouldn’t change it for the world. The scene here is so ever-expanding and flourishing here, always something going on always someone awesome in town for an event. It truly is the city of dreams..and we’ve all got em.

How has this influenced your style?
Growing up here Has Influenced my style in many ways… from the weather, to the culture, to the politics…All key factors. Adaptation at its best.

How would you describe your sound?
To describe my sound in one word would be impossible..but if attempted, I’d say it would be “eclectic”. I never stick to one sound. You can hear the inspiration from all over within the tracks.

How did you come up with your name?
HAH! I love this question, seriously. Truth is, I came up with the name when I was still a teen. I knew a grip of girls that would rage it all night, hit up the drive-thru after the club, and puke it all up for breakfast in the morning hahaha! It had to be done!

What is your fav artists to listen to while driving?
My favorite artist to listen to (aside from Pink Floyd) while on the road would have to be Calvin Harris. Fun, poppy, heavy, techy…The man can do it all.

Over the years what progression of dance music genres have you fallen in love with to bring you to where you are now?
Over the years I have made my way from an indie/hipster/disco dance style…to the skate/punk trashy electro stuff…to the harder hitting bass sounds of fidget…then into Tech for a bit before discovering one of my current favorite genres that I still bang out on the daily, Dirty Dutch House. I’m also known for occasionally pulling a rabbit out of a hat when it comes to Dubstep & Moombahton.

What do you love about performing and what are your favorite gigs?
I love to know that for at least an hour at a time, each night…I have total control of the audience’s minds, body & soul. People love to dance, & I love to make them! There’s no greater feeling. Club Rock It @ Skyfox in Pomona, for example. One of my all-time favorite clubs to DJ at. Never fails! Always a packed house, always a great time.

How did you get into making music?
I started messing around on FL Studio years before I stepped into the EDM world. I used to experiment with lil hip hop or rock n roll beats..Nothing major, but definitely played a major roll in the birthing of BUL!M!ATRON.

What process do you go thru to make a track?
For me, the process of a tune is pretty routine. Idea, drumwork, bass, lead, percussion, fx & etc. I’ll go back and fourth but thats the basic approach I take. Well, when working alone, anyway.

How do you decide which tracks to play when DJing to get the dance floor jumping?
Reading the crowd is one of thee single most important parts of being a DJ. In LA, especially! People won’t hesitate to just make a snobby face and walk off the dance floor. Some even have the nerve to walk up to the DJ booth and lean over and put in their 2 cents. NO THANK YOU! You just have to know your surroundings or be able to adapt to any environment and bang it out accordingly. It’s definitely more of a feeling than an observation.

Who is your favorite DJ right now and why?
Hands down, Afrojack has got to be my favorite DJ right now. He’s my age, he stepped into the blog-haus world around the same time I started blogging, and look at him now. He’s huge, and still just doing what he loves. I respect that so much. I feel like I’ve been there with him along the whole journey to the top. And now, it’s my turn!

How long have you been producing and or Djing?
It has officially been 6 years solid that I’ve been producing/performing. Been around the map and back, done tons of things I would have never imagined doing before, & the best part is…THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!

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Jane Bang (Ultra Records) – “I really like the BRTHR BEAT Remix , it gave the original the variety it needed. Really good! It’s a hit.”
Rico Tubbs – “Solid release. The BRTHR BEAT Remix is a club banger!!”
DJ Arcade – “Solid remix, these bangers are going to destroy the dance floors.”
Marvy Da Pimp – “This release is a very powerful club smasher. The EP is very complete , love the remixes too … Banging.”
The Vandal Squad – “Yeah man! Solid!”
CoMA – “KIller tunes! BRTHR BEAT bring the peak hour Electro Funk vibe and JAHZ goes apey with the Drum & Bass remix!!!”
Slogun – “Jahz is an extremely talented up-and-coming producer and one to watch! His remix of “Bass Keeps Pumpin” is a dancefloor destroyer and a welcome edition to my sets.”
G3NIUS – “Great track bro, keep pushing em out!


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