Short Circuit EP – Mustache Riot


1. Short Circuit
2. Rollie Fingers




OMG! You’re going to love this next release. We got Mustache Riot in the house! They are composed of We Bang who gave us the wonderful “Smash The Floor” a #1 hit on Beatport for months on end, and Natty Freq. The bass master with the mostest. They have graced us with two rock solid tracks,

Short Circuit, the title track to the EP is straight robotic. The intro sets it up with a robotic funk that’s sure to get your hips moving. It drops into a beast of a mechanical bliss full of triplets and raw bass. Be careful, some say the song has been know to bring life to your electronics!

Rollie Fingers is one of those all around fantastic tunes. This song is a Roller meaning it rolls right off the edge of the abyss getting blasted away. By the time you’ve realized it your fingers have been waving in mid air bouncing to the groove of the beat.

If you’re looking for a well-rounded solid release with tracks that can be played at big massive’s or at intimate parties then prepare to move your body. This release has been rigorously tested in the field and is guaranteed to go off.

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“Short Circuit is so dope, one of favorites this year” – Obsidian

“Mustache Riot FTW!” – Meliss FX

“This release is total fire, a must have!” – Dumbsteppaz

“The man doesn’t grow the Mustache, the Mustache grows the man” – Jumpshot

“We’ve been having a Riot in Italy to the tracks” – Boylerz