Set To Stun EP – Dumbsteppaz


1. Set To Stun
2. Run Away feat. Hyjak and Axion



After the tremendous success the Dumbsteppaz achieved with their Nasty Jesus EP we have decided to take it a step further with their newest installment; Set To Stun EP. From the epic minds that brought us Church, a weekly bass driven event in the Inland Empire, Set to Stun will get your party jumping right.

Set To Stun sets the mood for the entire EP with its intergalactic samples from the Captain himself. If you’re a groove monster then you’re going to love this track. It is extremely addicting to listen to. The bass lines are perfectly in sync thus creating a vortex of pleasure for your ears.

Run Away is one of those exceptional tracks that creeps in the back of your sub consciousness. It sticks to every neuron in brain until you simply can’t hold back anymore and start singing along. You can’t stop listening to it over and over again until your craving for raw bass has been met. Don’t rob yourself of this amazing EP!


“Both of these tracks are doper than dope!” – Obsidian

“OMG I need to dance, this is so hot!!!” – Meliss FX

“Set To Stun rocks the house every time” – We Bang

“These guys just don’t stop, pure fire from the Dumbsteppaz” – Jumpshot

“Big up Dumbsteppaz from Italy” – Boylerz

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