Boylerz – Timeout EP

Time Out




Milan’s  underground  scene  has  a  lot  to  offer  electronic  music  lovers. That’s why we have taken it upon ourselves to bring the best to the west. Boylerz is a trio from Italy, they specialize in murdering noises and tarnishing dance floors. It is our immense pleasure to introduce their next billboard ready release “Timeout EP”.

Time out is sensational by far. With thousands of plays on Soundcloud this one went directly into our favorites folder. This crunchy groove rides on the verge of infinity and back again. While it was there it took a few pictures and picked up a fan or two and now we are making it available for everyone to enjoy.

Glitches is one of those tunes that keeps your foot moving and a smile on your face way after it’s finished playing. The psycho-acoustic pleasure this track produces could only have been created by the collective minds of 3 musical geniuses’.

Wall is a whole new type of awesome, it’s 80’s melodies are taken into the 21st century and then mangled using a black hole from a different dimension. The byproduct of this process was this “out-of-this-world” track.


“I played Time Out and the crowd turned radioactive.” – Obsidian

“I absolutely love the Boylerz their music is like a piece of heaven to me.” – Meliss FX

“I wasn’t sure whether to give this release 5 stars because it’s the best release in the entire world or 1 star because it has effectively ruined all other music for me, FOREVER!” – We Bang

“Holy f*ck where have these guys been all my life?!?!?”  – Jumpshot

“Timeout EP is definitely going into our favorites.”  – Dumbsteppaz

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