The Realm EP – Man Du

1. The Realm
2. Awol



Who is Man Du? Synth City Records will guide you to the answer with The Realm EP. We bring you the next warp worthy release from the highly acclaimed Man Du. The San Diego producers have taken California by storm and have let nothing stand in their way. It’s time to show the world what Man Du is all about! The Realm takes on a whole new approach by aligning sounds to the fabrics of reality, creating an ascended plane where everything is possible. It’s verteron bass will be the last thing you hear before entering The Realm. This Dubstep mega track is not to be missed. Awol; Need we say more? The first time we heard this track something instinctual took over and we knew we had found the perfect song. From the ever-­‐hardening bass lines to the perfectly performed intro, this track will have you tapping your feet subconsciously for weeks. Now we ask the question again; Who is Man Du?

PRESS: “Earth shattering bass from Man Du. I dig this release.” – Obsidian “I love this release violently like the fire of a thousand suns.” – Meliss FX “The Realm is absolutely my favorite. Good Shit!” – We Bang “I’ve been playing Awol in all of my sets.” – Jumpshot “This release is da shizz nizz.” – Dumbsteppaz

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